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Regular Instagram users may have noticed an oddity: occasionally, they will receive a notification that they have a direct message, but there will be no actual message.

This is known as a “phantom direct message notification,” and is typically the consequence of a malfunction.

However, they can be very annoying because you keep getting the message and it won’t stop. You may have accidentally ignored a genuine message because you get so many alerts that seem the same.

In this article, we will go through numerous options for resolving the Instagram message notification but no message issue. At the end of the day, you should be able to remove from all direct message alerts.

  1. Log out and in
  2. Refresh your direct messages
  3. Clear the cache
  4. Use the “unread” filter
  5. Reinstall Instagram

The easiest solution to get rid of ghost messages is to log out and log back in but if that doesn’t work try the other methods. You can also check Instagram’s direct messages to see whether any message requests have been sent. You should click on it to read the message. The notifications will not be turned off until you have reviewed the messages. If you have a direct conversation with someone on Instagram and they later deactivate their account, the message will be deleted along with their account.