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There is a “Try/silent” option that may be found on Instagram messages; what does this option do?

Some Instagram users only recently learned about the Try/Silent option, and now they are curious about what exactly it is capable of doing for them. The feature has been there for a while, but just lately received a new moniker for its use.

In the year 2022, Instagram has undergone a lot of revisions and incorporated a lot of new features.

If you were curious about the meaning behind the “try/silent” option in your direct messages, here it is.

Try/silent on Instagram DMs

Numerous Instagram users were confused by a new feature added to their direct messages this month.

In the past month, Instagram has added a new feature that shows anytime a user sends a direct message to another user. Instagram’s direct message box may display the words “try/silent” along with a whispering person emoji. Thousands of people on Twitter are attempting to decipher the meaning of the shushing emoji that appears with the text.

When you go to send a person a DM for the first time, the option to “Try/silent” will pop up.

What try/silent means on Instagram

Instagram users can exchange messages to one another in groups without notifying the other members of the group by using the Try/Silent option. The functionality initially launched in 2021 under the name “try @silent,” but has since been renamed. It was formerly known as “try @silent,” now appears to have been redesigned as “try/silent” for many Instagram users. The two expressions are interchangeable; they refer to the same thing, and it appears to have been released in 2021 but is reappearing in August 2022.

When activated, your message will be delivered as usual, but recipients won’t get a push notification. If you want to send a message to someone on Instagram without their noticing, you can use the try/silent functionality. When you send a message using the try/silent option, the recipient won’t get a push notification on their phone.

This function is intended for less time-sensitive communications that don’t require immediate attention. You might send somebody a silent DM if you don’t want to disturb them while they’re working, for instance. It’s ideal if your DM doesn’t require immediate attention and you don’t want to interrupt someone who is working or otherwise occupied.

How to use the try/silent feature

Simply prefacing your message with @silent will make it completely silent. Keep on writing your DM as you normally would.

You can share anything you like, including words, images, videos, and emojis. Simple put the @ sign and the word silent at the beginning of your regular message.

The message will be sent as usual, but the receiver will not receive a notification. On the other hand, they’ll be able to read it after they log in and head to the DMs section.


Those who aren’t constantly on the move might not understand the point in the function, but those who are will appreciate how it aids in concentration and productivity.

When you’re trying to get work done and your phone keeps going off with group chat notifications, it’s annoying.

If you want to read their messages when it’s convenient for you, simply suggest they use the try/silent option.